Easy Breathe Snorkel Mask

Want to take your snorkeling experience to a hole new level? Easy breathe snorkel mask is a full face snorkel mask that fits over your entire face increasing your view to 180° and lets you breath naturally through your nose and mouth like you would on land. This full face snorkel mask is for everyone, adults, kids and great for the serious snorkelers or beginners. This mask lets you enjoy your snorkeling adventure by having the freedom of breathing naturally and without your mask fogging up.

Easy Breathe Snorkel Mask

Full face snorkel mask has a dry top systems that prevents water from entering the top of your snorkel. If water does leak into your mask a one way valve is at the bottom of your mask to drain when you lift your head up out of the water. With this full face mask you can see a lot further. Want to take pictures and share your snorkeling adventure you also have the option of getting this mask with a GoPro mountEasy Breathe snorkel Mask With GoPro Mount

What a great option to the alternative mask and snorkel.


  • No more biting on a snorkel and getting sore lips, jaws or teeth
  • No more gagging when the snorkel is put in your mouth.
  • Breathing through your mouth and nose prevents fogging.
  • No more pressure points around your eyes and nose.
  • Great for those with facial hair.
  • For those of you who don’t like to get your face wet
  • Silicone mask insert provides comfort
  • Easy adjustable straps



  • Not meant for freediving or spearfishing
  • Surface mask
  • Can’t equalize, because you can’t get to your nose


Happy Snorkeling! 


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