What Is Snorkeling Gear-And What Do I Need

What is snorkeling gear? Its a breathing apparatus that allows you to swim and see through the water more freely and observe the underwater life for long periods of time. With a mask and a tube that curves out of the mouth that extends above the water letting you breathe without lifting your head up out of the water. Snorkeling is very popular especially in tropical climates. Its popular for all ages because of how little effort there is.

For snorkeling all you really need is mask, snorkel and fins. With snorkeling gear you will want to invest in a good set! what is Snorkeling GearYour snorkel gear should last you a long time with low maintenance.You don’t to want to buy a mask that leaks or fogs up on you, that takes the joy out of your snorkeling adventure. Same with fins you will want a good set of fins that will not give you blisters on the top of your feet or heels. You will also want to invest in a good snorkel that doesn’t fill up with water.  Another item you should consider is a snorkel vest if your not a strong swimmer or tire out easily and for safety.


Snorkel mask allows you to see into the water. The mask creates a air pocket so your eyes are able to focus clearly and see underwater. what is snorkeling gearMasks consist of the lenses also known as a face plate, a soft rubber skirt, which encloses the nose and seals against the face, and a head strap to hold it in place. When buying a snorkel mask you want to make sure that you have a good quality mask.There are a lot of different types of mask out there. You will want to make sure the lens area (the area you see out of) is made out of tempered glass-shatterproof. The lens area of your mask should be wide and have adjustable straps.If you find a snorkel mask that is low in cost it is probably made out of plastic and not tempered glass-shatterproof and for that it’s not safe. Also, I would look for a mask that has a silicone seal and not rubber or PVC.


A snorkel is a tube that allows you to breath with your face in the water. The tube is usually L or J shaped and has a fitted mouthpiece at the lower end that is made out of rubber or plastic. Snorkeling tube is typically about 30 centimeters (1 ft) long and with an inside diameter of between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters (0.6 and 1 in). There are several snorkels to choose from, depending on your preference.A Snorkel

  • Open Top With Purge-The purge is in the bottom so you are able to easily clear the water from your snorkel.
  • Dry Top With Purge-Like the open top, top closes when you swim down and your snorkel is submerged this way no water will come in.
  • Splash Guard Top With Purge-Also, like the open top, with a guard at the top to stop little splashes from entering your snorkel.


Fins help you move through the water and help your legs stay upright. There are two types of fins to choose from, closed heel or open heel fin. Snorkeling FinsThe closed heel are easy to take on and off and are lightweight… These fins are used more for snorkeling and scuba diving and for warmer climate diving. The open heel is more for scuba diving and colder water temperatures. With the open heel fin you should also consider a neoprene boot to wear to keep your feet warm but also for comfort. If you snorkel and scuba dive then this fin should be more suitable for you.


Snorkel vest keeps you afloat while snorkeling and also for safety measure. The snorkel vest you should invest in should be inflatable. You have the option to choose how much air you want in your vest if any. The color should be orange or yellow.

Snorkel Vest





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